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Welcome to the World of Unique Wool Craft.

Magical wool treasures for the natural home, hand made with love.

We love natural fibers - the gifts coming from the living earth, and we appreciate and honor old craftsmanship.

All flows together.


Creating and working with my hands, making wool figurines, other creations such as jewelry and clothing for young and old over the many years has always been a source of joy and inspiration for me. I use natural, if possible organic, environmentally friendly and also recycled materials for my crafts. The combinations of precious natural fibers such as sheep, llama and alpaca wool as well as leather, driftwood, glass beads and gemstones give my work a special touch. I give thanks to all my teachers!My work as an artisan, lover and student of traditional crafts supports my continuous learning in the world. Thank you for your interest and time.
Many warm greetings, Magdalena.

I strive to source my materials as regionally and sustainably as possible.  My favorite Austrian source for wool: 
Ötztaler Schafwollzentrum, Tirol.

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